Just can’t beet it

I’ve never liked beets. Last week I went on a health and wellness tour with my friend Sanj. We stopped at the farmer’s market. She tried to convince me how good roasted beets are. I was skeptical. Then, at the beet stand another woman was raving about them. I had to try roasting them.

We also took shots of wheatgrass. Delicious. It’s like two bags of leafy greens in a shot glass. Talk about effective nutrition!

The tour also stopped at Starfruit. They make some sort of “ice cream” that is highly delicious and quite healthy. They gave us wheatgrass, green pepper and spinach “ice cream” that was horrible. You can tell by the look on Sanj’s face. Fortunately, they also gave us delicious pomegranate.

Back to the beets! Well, I’m hooked. I’ve eaten roasted beet salad twice in 3 days. I had to go to another farmer’s market to get more beets to feed the need. Seriously. The second time I made the salad, I made one for Brian(also a fan of the beet).

How to roast a beet:

  • Remove leafy greens(you can steam those and eat them). Wash beets well. Create a foil packet for your lovely beets. Drizzle them with olive oil. Seal up your beet-filled foil packet. Place in a 425F oven for 40-70 minutes depending on the size of your glorious beet.
  • Pull packet out when beet is slightly tender. Open up top of packet and let cool to a temperature where you can handle the beets. Peel skin off your beets with your hands(and get beautiful beet hands). The skin will come right off if they are done.
    Now they are ready to be sliced and put on the salad or used however you would like. Tasty.

Roasted beet salad

Ingredients(for 1 salad):

  • 1-2 medium to large roasted beets, skinned and sliced
  • lettuce of choice, field greens work well(2 cups per salad)
  • 1/2 ounce goat cheese, crumbled
  • 1/2 orange, in segments
  • a few thin slices of red onion(optional)
  • vinegarette of choice


  1. Place clean lettuce on a plate.
  2. Top with 5-7 beet slices(depending on your love for the beet).
  3. Add orange segments.
  4. Top with crumbled goat cheese and optional onion.
  5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegarette of choice.

I used a light basalmic vinegarette on one and a light raspberry walnut vinegarette on the other. Both were out of this world. Now that I think about it, a few chopped walnuts would have been a tasty addition to the salad. I guess I had better get back to the farmer’s market for some more beets.


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