You call them garbanzo beans, I call them chickpeas.

Why buy it for $4 a tub when you can make it for about a buck? Seriously simple and delicious.

Grab a can of chickpeas. Open, drain and rinse. Dump them in your food processor. Throw in a clove or two of garlic. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of water(add a little towards the end as needed to adjust to preferred consistency). Add the juice of almost a whole lemon. Salt and pepper to taste. Notice that I was completely rebellious and didn’t add any tahini? Well, I refuse to buy a big tub of it when I only need a tablespoon. No one was any the wiser.

Chop away!

After it was processed to a nice consistency, Brian and I did a taste test. It was missing something. No, not tahini. It needed more of a kick. We could have added more garlic, but we wanted spice. I turned down the idea of crushed red peppers. So, what should we use? Secret ingredient….drum roll please…


We ended up using about twice as much shown in the picture, but it made it perfect. And all the credit goes to Brian. This turned out to be a great appetizer to nosh on while I was roasting up veggies and preparing turkey burgers(post yet to come).

Look at that smooth and creamy consistency. I want some more now!


One response

  1. I want some too! Unless you buy really nice hummus (which may be in excess of $4), the store-bought kind usually doesn’t taste very good. You can definitely get away with leaving out the tahini, but we usually keep some on hand to make a yummy dipping sauce for falafel. We go through the tahini fairly slowly, and it seems to keep fine unrefrigerated.

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