Black bean hummus

I love hummus. Awhile back I had seen a recipe for black bean hummus. I loved the idea. I don’t remember what the recipe said to do and I didn’t save it. So, I made up my own.

The idea came when I wanted to make a taco pizza. I didn’t want to use refried beans as the base so I decided I would attempt the black bean hummus to use as a spread and make into more of a Tex Mex pizza.

I roughly chopped up two GIANT cloves of garlic and threw it in. I like garlic, but you could definitely cut back on the amount if you wanted. Then I threw in a handful of cilantro. I pulsed that a few times.

Then I dumped in a undrained 14oz can of reduced sodium beans. If you prefer to rinse your beans, which I would recommend if they aren’t reduced sodium, you will just have to add a little water to make up the liquid from draining. On top of that I squeezed in the juice of 1/2 of a large lime. Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste(optional).

Then I blended them until they became a fairly smooth consistency.

If you need an alternative to your regular chick pea based hummus, definitely give this a try. It’s tangy and delicious from the cilantro and lime with a nice kick of garlic. It’s great to dip veggies or chips in. The pizza post will be coming soon, too.


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