Tex Mex Pizza

Remember a few days back when I blogged about that really good black bean hummus? This pizza is the reason I created it.

I started out by preheating the oven to 400. Then I made the easiest pizza crust ever. I split the dough in half and rolled one half out on a pizza pan.

Then, I spread a decent amount of the nearly magical black bean hummus on the crust.

Then I spread some store-bought, but freshly made salsa on the bean spread. Store-bought but freshly made seems like an oxymoron, but I really can’t stand that jarred salsa that is nothing but preservatives.

After the salsa was added, I finely chopped up two green onions and cut the kernels off of one ear of sweet corn. I evenly sprinkled those over the salsa.

I forgot to mention that while I was letting the dough rest for ten minutes that I started browning a half pound of ground turkey on the stove top. Once that was browned, I added a half packet of taco seasoning and 1/2 the amount of water that the package calls for. Turkey taco meat!  I roughly chopped up a few olives and tossed them on top.

Time to go in the oven for about 20 minutes until the edges of the crust are golden brown. After I took it out of the oven, I added some diced avocado.

This pizza was delicious! I had two pieces and was stuffed, but wanted to keep eating it because it was so tasty. It will be made again soon!


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