Cozy cowl scarf

My knitting skills leave a lot to be desired. I saw this pattern for the coziest looking cowl scarf when I found the body scrub recipe. I knew I had to find someone to make it for me.

Fortunately, the next day at work I realized that my friend Emily knows how to knit! How lucky is that? I proposed that she make it for me in return for drinks. She accepted.

I had her make it shorter than the pattern calls for. I think she made it half of what it said to and it’s perfect! She also accidently twisted it before connecting the two ends. What a great mistake that turned out to be. It made a place for my chin to go so it doesn’t rub on the yarn.

If you need a quick and easy project to give as a holiday gift, this scarf would be well received. You know, providing that you know how to knit.

Twist in the front:

Twist in the back for a little more frontal coverage:


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