Another Christmas wraps up

Not being with my family on Christmas falls on my top 10 list of things I don’t like.

Spending times with friends falls on my top ten list of things I do like.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to be with my family. Fortunately, my friend Brock also wasn’t able to be with his family, so I got to spend Christmas with Brock.

We started out our evening at NoMI for a pre-dinner cocktail.

I really loved the single giant ice-cube in my Whiskey Smash so that my drink didn’t be come watered down. I liked it so much that I drank all of my drink so that I could share a picture of that ice-cube with you. Not that I wouldn’t have finished my drink anyway. My parents raised me well and taught me not to waste.

We had dinner reservations at Aria, but that didn’t work out. So, we ventured on over to Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge for some sushi. Sushi for Christmas? Yes, please. Oh, and an extensive martini list.

And some seriously sinus-clearing Tom Yum soup.

And sushi. Lots of sushi.


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