Muppets and the museum

For the entire month of January the Museum of Science and Industry has free admission.  Brian and I have been wanting to go to the Jim Henson exhibit there for sometime. We knew we’d have to get there quickly because it ends Jan 23. We were delighted to find out about the free admission.

We went today. It was a super cool exhibit and really opened up my eyes to all of the work that Henson had done. I never knew that he had so many projects going on or how heavily involved he was in everything he did. It was all him. Definitely go if you get a chance. It’s worth the $5 exhibit admission.

In the lobby of the MSI was a giant gingerbread house of the MSI with several Henson characters.

In the free area they had a bunch of stuff from the old body worlds exhibit, including a machine that would age your face 40 years by taking a current picture and factoring in lifestyle choices. I went first and Brian got a good laugh at my expense. Let’s just say that I’m not looking forward to how I’ll be looking at 69. I’ll be more faithful about putting sunscreen on my face everyday and eating healthy and exercising. I can’t imagine what it would have looked like had I been a smoker!

When it came Brian’s turn, we messed with it a little and answered that he ate unhealthy and rarely exercised, not necessarily the truth. I think the results encouraged us to both be healthier if this would be the outcome:

Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year and hope that everyone’s resolutions are going well.


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