Curry confusion and a stuffed stocking

After finishing the last batch of curry soup, I was left wanting more. Dreaming about more. So, I made more. In a moment of poor judgement,I made some adjustments. I decided to make it vegetarian. I substituted tofu and vegetable broth for their similar chicken counter parts. Doing just this would have left it slightly less flavorful, but ok. Then, I had to take it one step further. I didn’t have a red potato, so I added in a sweet potato in it’s place. That’s what did it. Ick. All it did was leave a confusion of flavors in my mouth.
Let’s take a quick look at the disappointing soup:

Shortly after eating the last bowl of the soup, I boarded a train to Iowa. I was headed home for a late Christmas with my parents and lots of good food, very little of which I cooked. We ate my dads delicious homemade chili and lots of sweets from my mom. The only things I made were oatmeal for breakfast and roasting some vegetables for dinner. I did keep my hands busy unwrapping lots of presents, though!


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