Samoas getting a run for thier money

This new flavor of Fiber Plus bars are going to give the Girls Scouts a run for thier money this cookie selling season!

The carmel coconut fudge bars taste like a lighter version of Girl Scout’s Samoas cookies…or Carmel De-Lite, depending where you live. I ate one and could have easily eaten the whole box, but at 9g of fiber per bar, I wanted to be able to leave the house later. If you love Samoas, give these a try.

**On a side note, Samoas and Carmel De-lites are NOT the same. They are made by two different companies that the Girl Scouts contract with to make their cookies. Depended where you live determines which you will get. In college we lived near the dividing line for Samoas and De-lites and had a blind taste test among several of my co-workers. Samoas were the unanimous winner of the taste test.


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