Blizzard butter

During the holidays I am always lured in by the sales on cans of mixed nuts. However, I rarely eat nuts. So, I inevitably have one unopened can of mixed nuts and one can that has been opened and a few choice nuts picked out of it.

I got off of work early tonight and don’t have to go in until later tomorrow because of this big, bad blizzard we are having in Chicago. This is the time that I need to say “thank you” to my friend Emily for driving me home from work tonight. Otherwise, I would have had to walk home in the blizzard because nothing else is running. Emily might sound familiar to you, because she is the one that made me this! Because Emily was kind enough to drive me home, I was able to get bored enough to want to do something with these mixed nuts that were taking up space.

This is where mixed nut butter was born, better known after today as blizzard butter. Which has nothing to do with Dairy Queen blizzards, but those are delicious, too. I almost emptied the can of already opened mixed nuts into my food processor. The can advertised “less than 50% peanuts” but that may not have been the case by the time I made the blizzard butter, because I am guilty of picking out some of the nicer nuts.

Then I made the nuts whir and whiz just by the touch of a button. Much like a contained blizzard.

When the nuts were staying in little chunks, I added 1T of canola oil and about a total of 1/4c water. I added the water one tablespoon at a time, until I got mostly smooth and creamy results.

I don’t know my more people don’t make blizzard butter. It’s absolutely delightful. I think I like it better than any other nut butter I have ever tried.


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