Breakfast egg sandwiches: two ways

As a kid my dad would make us fried egg sandwiches for dinner if he was left in charge. I loved them. An egg with runny yolk on toasted bread, dipped in ketchup. Mmmm.

I hadn’t eaten one for years after leaving home to go to college. Then, I had an amazing one for brunch at Twisted Spoke a few years back. It wasn’t until last year when they became a semi-regular part of my diet again.

My mom got me an egg cooker. It’s amazing! It’s portable and you just need a microwave to use it. I frequently take it to work so I can have a hot breakfast on the go. I usually use egg whites or egg beaters with some veggies in it to be healthy. The last two days I have used real eggs, because I had a carton that was about to go bad.

Yesterday I had an egg sandwich on jalapeño, onion and garlic pretzel bread(recipe coming soon). It was to die for!

Today, it was two eggs on an English muffin. So filling and a great breakfast to eat while watching the snow come down!


4 responses

  1. Do you know where your mom got that wonderful contraption? I have a double one that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond that does not work very well.

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