Blow my mind black bean brownies

I’ve heard about black bean brownies. I’ve heard about them a lot. There are a million recipes for them out there. I chose to make the simplist one I could find. Why? I’m not a huge fan of brownies unless they are moist and chewy.

I had pretty much decided that these brownies were going to be a flop even before I made them. How could black beans and brownies possibly go together?


Dump one can of black beans in your food processor. Blend until smooth, liquid and all. In a nice sized bowl, dump in the powder from one box mix of brownies. I bought the store brand, dar chocolate variety. Omit the egg and oil, but add in the recommended amount of water. Next, pour in pureed black beans. Stir until combined. Pour into a greased 9×13 pan. Bake according to directions.

These made some of the most moist and chewy brownies I have ever eaten. There wasn’t even a hint of black bean. Brian was blown away and thought I was playing a trick on him when I told him there were black beans in them. I cut up half the pan and put them in the freezer so we wouldn’t be tempted to eat them all…that’s how good they are.


10 responses

  1. Whoah, never even heard of this.

    I can’t imagine a whole can of black beans hiding in the brownies without detection… Like ninja beans.

    Did you drain/rinse them, or dump beans and bean juice altogether?

  2. Sounds good and a great way to get some protein and not even know it! I’ve done this exact thing with a can of pumpkin (although you don’t have to put it in the food processor. Those are quite good too!

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