Last weekend I had my very first Pho experience. My friend Katie had told me all about Pho, researched it and led us to the best Pho at Tank Noodle.

The place was packed and people were lined up along the walls waiting for a table. Everyone was eating giant bowls of soup. Giant! Like 6 bowls of soup in one. I love soup, so when I saw this, I knew it was going to be great.  While we waited Katie got an amazing avocado smoothie. It was so tasty that I got one for dessert.

So, what is Pho?

I opted for the one with brisket and flank. Safe for an inexperienced first timer. No tendon or tripe for me.

Along with the giant bowl of soup, comes of side plate of things like bean sprouts, jalapeno and an entire forest of basil to add in. As well as a buffet of sauces and condiments on the table. Flavor Heaven!

Bowl of soup:

Plate of fun:

My bowl with sauces added in:

And now for the basil:

Eating Pho was one of the tastiest and fun food experiences I’ve had recently. I think it would be a great place to take a large group of people for a fun and adventuresome time. I can’t wait until I go back. Interestingly, almost everyone there got some type of Pho, despite there being 252 items on their menu.

If you want to try to make it yourself, you can do that here: Pho recipe.


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