Move over shamrock shake. There’s a new kid in town.


I want to write a love letter to this smoothie. After really enjoying my wheat grass smoothies this week, I knew there had to be a better way to get my fix with out blowing $6 on a 12 ounce smoothie. So, I headed to my local Whole Foods to investigate their wheat grass juice selection. I could buy it frozen or powdered. Then, I spotted the super green powder next to the wheat grass powder and it was on an epic sale. I could get twice as much of something that tastes similar but is even more nutritious. Sold!


I headed home and cautiously made this beast. I started out by mixing 1 tablespoon of super green powder in about 6 ounces of water. In a separate glass, I mixed one container of nonfat, plain Greek yogurt with 1/3 cup of skim milk. Except for Chobani nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt, this is my favorite:


 Stir yogurt and milk until smooth. Add super greens to milky yogurt. Pour over ice. If using blender, fill about half full with ice. If using an immersion blender, like me, use a Super Big Gulp from your nearest 7-11. For those of you without 7-11’s, that’s a 44 oz cup. I would also like to clarify at this point that when I started making this smoothie I had no intention of it ending up this large. It is really enough for 3-4 smoothies. It inadvertently ended up being my dinner and I didn’t even drink it all.

Slice up 1 small banana and 1 small orange, add to glass/blender. Squeeze in  juice from half of lemon.


Blend until desired thickness is reached.


This smoothie is far superior to Meli’s and I can make it for about 1/8 the cost. I might add avocado to it in the future. I will be able to use fewer cups in the future now that I know it all mixed easily. 

 If you are afraid of the wheat grass or super greens, you can buy individual packets to try out instead of investing in the big container.

This was a great recovery drink/snack/meal after my run tonight or a perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat for all the healthy leprechaun in your life.


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