Yogurt Parfoothie

Is it a parfait? Is it a smoothie? No, it’s a parfoothie!

Don’t get me wrong, I like smoothies. I like them just fine. Just yesterday I had a delicious wheat grass smoothie from Meli Cafe. In fact, I’ve had two from Meli this week.

Generally when it comes to berries, I like eating whole berries or large chunks and not having them all blended together. So, I came up with the idea of the parfoothie.

I took one container of plain, fat-free greek yogurt. Added a half cup of skim milk, a packet of Equal and stirred it together until smooth. Then I add my fruit and stir again.

Today was blackberries, strawberries and banana(all fresh). I also greatly enjoy doing this with frozen fruit because it freezes the yogurt/milk combo and makes it more refreshing and like a real smoothie. Don’t be shy, give the parfoothie a try.


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