Peeps freezer pops

Just when you thought “sugar-free” Peeps were too good to be true and they couldn’t find another way to market their marshmallow chicks, they came out with Peeps freezer pops.


My boyfriend Brian picked up a box of 10 at the bargain price of $1 at Walgrens. A sucker for anything sweet and fearless at trying new foods, he popped them in his freezer and waited for them to firm up. Apparently they were frozen today, as I got an email saying, “FROZEN PEEPS ARE VERY GOOD!” Yes, in caps lock and all.

I am quite skeptical of trying them. Every time I think of how sweet and sugary they could be, I have flashbacks to the time I made a catastrophic decision and ordered a cotton candy blizzard at Dairy Queen. I’m sure my curiosity will get the best of me and a Peeps popsicle will be in my near future… that is, if there are any left.


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