Birthday birthday, birthday

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of eating out lately. Not necessarily bad for my taste buds, but not so great for my wallet, blog posts or my waistline. While none of these things necessarily deserve their own post, I would be sad if I didn’t share some of them with you.

The weekend of Brian’s birthday, we ventured out and I ate at Five Guys for the first time. The burger was good, but there are places in Chicago to get much better burgers for about the same price. I have heard people rave time and time again about their fries. Disappointing. The best thing about Five Guys was the ultra modern touch screen Coke machine. I LOVE FOUNTAIN POP.  There had 6 different flavors of Diet Coke and six different flavors of Fanta Zero. I can’t say I’ll be headed back for their food any time soon, but I might stop in for a bevvy.

A much more exciting burger venture was at Epic Burger. Truly a tasty burger. With all grass-fed beef and a whole wheat bun with oats on top this burger is my new favorite. And their fresh-cut sea salted fries are uh-mazing. I think it says something when you are in a restaurant and no one is talking, because they are happily eating. I looked around and I did not see a single person not finish all of their food(and they have generous servings). Then, I witnessed several people push their basket to the center of the table and give a sigh of contentment. I can’t lie, I did the same. Epic Burger, you have a place in my heart.

Another delicious sandwich that has left me wanting more was my recent visit to Which Wich. It’s like a supped up Potbelly. You build your own sandwich by checking little boxes on a paper bag, turning it in to the cashier then wait for your masterpiece to be created. I had buffalo chicken with bleu cheese and they didn’t skimp on the bleu cheese. That’s a sandwich I can get down with.

When it came to my birthday, I didn’t want to cook. I didn’t want to go out to a fancy restaurant. Do you know what I love? Salad. My boyfriend loudly protested my choice for my birthday dinner, but I won….because it was MY birthday after all. Do you know where I chose to go? Call me loony, but Whole Foods was my choice. You might think this is weird, but then you’ve probably never been the new Whole Foods in Lincoln Park. They have wine tastings, they have a bar, they have pretty much anything you could ever want…and I wanted to eat there for my birthday. So we did. Brian loved my decision once we got there. So many choices. Bonus, it was a Wednedsay…fresh gelato special day. Score.

I always like to treat myself of my birthday. A present to myself. Nothing too big or extravagant. For my birthday last year, I had wanted a pair of Tom’s shoes. Well, they were out of my size in store and online for months, those months turned to winter and snow boots. So, I decided I’d stop back into Akira and see if they had my size in store. They did. I like the concept of One for One and found it fitting that I get them for my birthday this year. Everyone is asking me how it feels to be 30, well, to be honest, I feel better now than I did at 29 or even 25. I’ve become much more health conscious and in better shape. I’m better to myself and have come to realize the important things in life. I know, I’m still young and have a long way to go, but feel like I’m on a good path. And my Tom’s are going to help me stay on that path.

I also came home to a “Happy Birthday” sign hanging in my house. I have such a sneaky boyfriend.

I finished off my week long birthday celebration with a great dinner at local Mexican restaurant. They have amazing margaritas and giant burritos. What more can you ask for in life?


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