Movin’ on up

Where have I been? Packing and moving and unpacking. My culinary adventures were completely lacking for a few weeks related to my pots and pans being packed and getting ready to move. Which caused me to sit on many establishment patios and sample the new Effen cucumber.

Then after the move, it took a few days to get to the grocery store and unpack.

The first thing I made in our new place on a blazing hot morning was…hot oatmeal. I was forced to raid the pantry to make breakfast and that was the best I could come up with. Some oats, stirred in a little peanut butter and added some cashews and a dollop of homemade strawberry preserves on top.  Filling, but not exactly what I was craving on a hot morning.

The next thing I attempted to make was the white wine crust pizza, again. Somehow, my white wine didn’t get moved and I had to punt part way through the recipe. I managed to find an airline bottle of Malibu. Well, let’s just say it was edible, but did NOT give the same results. Really, the fresh mozzarella saved it.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing I’ve done since the move is to cube up watermelon, squeeze lime over it and freeze. Once frozen, blend up into a delicious bowl of slushy goodness. The occasional frozen banana has been added to it, amping up the tasty factor. This has saved me during multiple heatwaves.

More to come soon!


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