Creamy coconut-banana popsicles

You thought I was done with the popsicle posts, huh? Well, I’m not. I whipped these up last night and when we finish eating them I’ll be on to making chocolate fudge banana pops and then strawberry cheesecake pops.

The best thing about DIY popsicles is that I can make them so they are a guilt-free treat.

Mix box of coconut cream pudding according to instructions(I used skim instead of 2% milk and they turned out plenty creamy).

Cut banana into small pieces, stir into coconut pudding mixture.

Spoon into molds. As an extra special surprise in two of them, I added a total of 10 chocolate chips to the pop while I was spooning it in.

I still had filling left after filling my 4 molds. The other two molds in the set were still full of blueberries and cream popsicles waiting to be eaten. So, I pulled a small ice tray out and made a bunch of mini’s to eat later.

These pops are awesome and taste like coconut cream pie. The ones without chocolate chips are only 2 points plus on weight watchers and the pop’s with the chocolate chips are 3 points plus each. Now, that’s a dessert I can live with!


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