Goodbye July

July was a great month at Spatoola.

It started out with my boyfriend and I moving in together. We love our new place. Here he is at Bed Bath and Beyond picking out a new bath towel for himself that, as he proclaims, is “soft as a baby lamb”.

It ended with a visit from my college friend Mel. We went to breakfast at one of my favorite’s, Glenn’s Diner. We split crab cakes eggs Benedict and fresh blueberry pancakes. Their crab cakes are to die for.

We spent our afternoon at the pool with our fellow Hawkeye alum, Katie:

Then we headed over to the world-famous Newberry Library’s book sale where they had over 120,000 books for sale.  It was super busy and we had to have Mel jump out of the car and go stand in a parking spot so we could park. We are serious about our books!

On our way from dinner on Saturday night we walked past a parked car that had this lovely stuffed animal on the hood.

Mel was so upset that we wouldn’t let her keep it, she had to console herself with a fishbowl that tasted like grape koolaid.

Goodbye July. Hello August.

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