Farmer’s market delight

I had the day off of work today. It was awesome. Don’t get too jealous, because I have to work all weekend when you are getting to do all sorts of fun things.

Today, I went to the pool for about an hour where the world’s strictest life guard works. It’s quite entertaining to watch. When we came home from the pool, the mail had arrived. Not normally all that exciting of an event, but today there were two packages sitting there. One, was my Amazon order:

Oh, man! I am excited. And the other package was a house-warming gift from Brian’s mom that included a new Coach wristlet and…


What else is great about being off on a Thursday? It’s Lincoln Square farmer’s market.

We had freshly made crepes for dinner from the crepe stand. Mine was turkey, cheddar and habanero salsa on a whole wheat crepe. The most delightful part? The salsa was amazingly reminiscent of Pancheros’ salsa. So delicious.

Then, Brian decided that gelato would be a nice dessert.

I resisted. Instead, I came home and made a raspberry smoothie with Greek yogurt and almond milk.

I couldn’t wait to get my farmer’s market purchases of beets, kale and eggplant home. I immediately made More Cheese More Chocolate’s Tahini-Lemon Kale salad. It’s currently chilling over night. I saved a little extra kale out so I can put it in my green monster smoothie for breakfast.

Five-star day, if you ask me.


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