The garden is growing

My garden is growing like mad and I think most of the plants have outgrown their pots. I keep tying up the tomato plants in new and creative ways to try to contain them, but it’s no use. They are w-i-l-d.

The plant I am most excited about is my heirloom tomato, which I almost lost when I was gone on vacation over Labor Day weekend. I came back to a plant that was tipped over, bone dry, and wilted to the point that the tomatoes had shriveled a little. I was extremely sad, but decided to stand it upright water it like mad anyway. Within a day it appeared to make a full recover and the tomatoes had re-plumped. I’ll be curious to see how they taste.

The beefsteak and cherry tomato plants have produced a few ripe tomatoes and a promising amount on the verge of ripening:

I need my peppers to turn from green to red so I can make fajitas:

I have another little eggplant starting. Grow, little eggplant, grow!

The pear tree in the back yard is weighted down with fruit waiting to ripen and the grapes are sweet and plump:

…and this was just another update in the garden.


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