Slug bait

After getting a late start on my garden, the tomatoes are finally ripening. I’ve been watching the weather everyday to make sure we aren’t going to get a frost at night. Fortunately the temperatures have stayed in the 50s overnight.

After 3 straight days of rain, I went out to look at my plants at about 10pm last night. I was shocked and repulsed to discover that they were covered in SLUGS! Oozy goozy slimy slugs. At first I was devastated that my plants and crop were going to be ruined before I got to harvest much, then I decided to read up on slug infestations.

The wet and cloudy days were to blame for the slugs. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to continue to rain for the next few days. Being that it was late at night, I couldn’t run to my local Home Depot, so I turned to the internet for a slug fix.

It turns out that slugs are attracted to yeasty things. It’s common to use beer in slug traps. Or you can simply mix flour, water and a few pinches of yeast in a bowl until you have a loose batter. Set the bowl next to your plants at night and the slugs will commit slug suicide overnight. I mixed 1 cup of flour, 2-3 pinches yeast and 1 1/4 cups water.

After sitting out all night and getting a little rain in the bowl, this is how the slug brew looked. I’m guessing there were some drowned slugs in it. There weren’t any on my plants and I even stuck my hand clear into the plants, with much fear in my heart, to see if I could feel any of the slimy suckers hiding. I didn’t.  Hopefully my tomatoes can be saved. I placed the bowl in the base of my eggplant plant. That little eggplant has been the same size for the past 6 weeks, I’ve given up on it. The pot pretty much serves as a support for another tomato pot that doesn’t like to stay standing up.

So if you find yourself having a slug problem, you have an easy fix without having to run to the store.


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