Lots of good eats

My parents were in town this past weekend with hopes of going to visit my aunt in Milwaukee and for my mom and I to run the Bucktown 5k on Sunday morning. My aunt wasn’t feeling the best, so our Saturday Milwaukee-based plans were derailed. We had no choice but to fill our Saturday with delicious food and shopping in downtown Chicago.

Andy’s frozen custard was having a special where they were selling cups of frozen custard for $1. Really, what can you get for $1 these days? Not much. We got cups of carrot cake frozen custard. Holy smokes. That stuff was amazing. Real chunks of carrot cake in there, real chunks. I wanted to eat is fast because it was so good, but I wanted to eat is slowly because I never wanted it to end…and I don’t really like much ice cream. I’m going to have to get more of this soon.

Another treat of the weekend was that my mom got to open one of her birthday presents more than a month early. When it’s something that can be used more before your birthday than after, we make exceptions about giving gifts early in my family. It looks like she likes her new running jacket. 

That night for dinner we ordered Pequod’s pizza. I’ve heard rave reviews from multiple people about their pan pizza with carmelized crust. We also ordered a thin crust for comparison sake. Sadly, it was a unanimous vote that we all liked the thin crust better and not the thick crust they are known for. It was just too much bread. I liked the carmelized edge but didn’t want to have to eat the whole rest of the piece to get to it.

Thick crust:

Thin crust:

On Sunday, I ate a piece of the leftover thick crust. After eating the toppings and edge off of the pizza, there was still this much crust left over. Too much bread:

We also ate banana walnut bread, that was spectacular without the oil:


We  nibbled on cheese bread(recipe coming soon):

Pear and blueberry tart(recipe coming soon):

After all that food, it’s a good thing my mom and I ran on Sunday!

Another great weekend in the books.


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