Holiday gift guide

If you are looking for gift ideas for the food lovers, runners and people who love fun things in life, look no farther, I’ve got ideas for you.

I have a Keurig and absolutely love it. If there is a coffee lover in your life, especially if they have a busy life(and who doesn’t these days?), get them a Keurig. If they already have a Keurig, buy them fun flavored K-cups to keep them brewing.

Or maybe they need a new mug for their hot coffee or tea. These adorable mugtails would be a hit at the office or home. Found at, as seen in Real Simple magazine.

This squirrel nut cracker is perfect for the person that loves to entertain. A guaranteed conversation piece at any holiday party(can be found on Amazon).

Wine lover? This wine tote is the perfect marriage of function and fashion. Made by Medina baskets. 

Right after Christmas comes New Year’s resolutions. Is there someone in your life that is always running late? Help them out with one of these beautiful watches. Found at

Showing support for your favorite teams while being sporty never goes out of style. Iowa running shorts can be found at

If they are looking to improve their physical health in the upcoming year or are already a runner, they will thank you every step of the way in their new Brooks Pure shoes. These are minimalist shoes with the perfect amount of cushion. In mens and womens colors.Baker’s and entertainers will love a pretty apron to keep their outfit looking spotless while looking cute for guests until the food is finished. Apron at

There is always room for pretty baskets and mugs in the cupboards of people who love to spend time in the kitchen. Also at

And on my after Christmas list this year is Under Armour’s Must Have bag in black on black. This versatile bag that can be used as a purse and a gym bag is not going to be available again until after the new year. It’s currently available in a steel combination at

Happy holidays! May the holidays bring you warmth and love.


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