MEGA NACHO: a meal

What’s better than nachos? MEGA NACHOS!

That’s what I had for dinner tonight. I made tacos for dinner last night and had some seasoned chicken meat left over and didn’t want tacos again.

Problem: I wanted nachos, but they aren’t very healthy And I didn’t want to negate all the time I’ve been spending in the gym.

Solution: A modified version, now known as the mega nacho.

I started with the base of a half of a hard taco shell. I spread a small layer of jalapeno hummus on it, because I’m addicted to it, it’s wonderfully spicy and it will work nicely as a moisture barrier for the shell. Then a layer of chicken, topped with salsa. I placed some cheese on the salsa and some jalapeno on top of the cheese. I microwaved that until heated through and the cheese was melted. Then I topped everything with a little Greek yogurt(it’s healthier than sour cream).

So amazingly delicious. It’s plenty to eat and much healthier than a giant plate of chips and accomplishes the same flavor. Healthified nachos…I’ll tip my sombrero to that!

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    • You should! It’s very fun. Perhaps you should start a restaurant napkin collection of your food drawings then make it into a book and make millions! I would buy it!

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