Weekend recap

I had an awesome weekend. I did a lot of relaxing, made a lot of food and took my exercise outdoors in a fun way.

After hitting the gym on Friday night, which was far too packed for it being a Friday night and the day after a snow storm, I headed home to make a Detox Week 2 recipe. A recipe that I was really excited for: grilled bok choy and salmon. The recipe, for 2 servings, called for 3 heads of bok choy halved and grilled. What?!?! I made it as directed. Wow. We had lots of bok choy. It dwarfed our 4 ounces of salmon with citrus and avocado salsa(which was DE-licious)! See:

Needless to say, neither of us finished our bok choy. And yes, it is piled on top of each other in the picture.

Two friends and I had big plans to go snowshoeing on Northerly Island on Saturday morning. When I called they said due to blowing snow, they no longer had the required 3 inches of snow to use snowshoes. We went out there anyway and walked the nature trail and looked  for a great white snow owl. We didn’t see any, but got a good workout. While we were there we spotted a bunch of people sledding on a big hill by Soldier Field. Being that there was a Target nearby we hustled over and got a sled. We had a blast sledding with all the kiddos and got in a good leg workout.

After coming home with the sled, Brian exclaimed, “What? You went sledding without me? I’ve never been sledding before!” So guess what we did on Sunday? We went sledding. Brian for the first time.

I even had time to pull out my sewing machine to make some throw pillows for the couch.

What a great weekend spent with great people.


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