Some of my favorite things

Lately, I have been loving a good tofu scramble for breakfast. Hot breakfast is always a good start to the day. Even better is when I can make a big batch and reheat it later in the week and it still tastes just as good as the day I made it.


In fact, I made it for breakfast and dinner yesterday. For a single serving, saute some onion and garlic. Add in any other veggies you want. These batches have some yellow summer squash that I needed to use up. Add in 1/2 tsp turmeric and some nutritional yeast( I probably used 1 tablespoon). Add 2 tablespoons water and some pieces of kale. Cook until liquid is gone. Crumble in 1/4 block of drained firm tofu. Stir together. Cook until heated through. Add in some spinach. Cook until wilted. Salt and pepper. Full of protein, veggies and cheesy deliciousness.


For Christmas I got an amazing thoughtful gift of paper white bulbs. I nourished them and grew them in the kitchen and have enjoyed looking at them every time I cook. Very beautiful.

With a spur of the moment stop at World Market the other day, I scored two very exciting new teas.

The Coconut Chai is to die for with a splash of coconut milk in it. I can’t get enough.



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