Macrobiotic bowl remix

This was inspired by a dinner I had a Blind Faith Cafe celebrating the end of the detox. As you have noticed, the detox never really ended but became very much incorporated into my life.

This week has been a little rough on the healthy eating plan. For Valentine’s dinner Brian and I went out for sushi. Yum. We were very good about ordering light and healthy rolls and avoiding the crunchy and creamy rolls. However, the sodium in the soy sauce made me feel like a blimp. Then, there was the wine with the girls night. And then, I left my job of almost 8 years yesterday to start a new and exciting job. My coworkers showered me with all sorts of delicious healthy and not so healthy treats. We topped it off by going out for Mexican last night and having margaritas.Fiesta!

Ugh. My body was talking to me today and it was using a few four letter words about how I treated it this week. So today I started my day off with a run and big glass of kale, spinach, apple, carrot, parsley and ginger juice. I ate almost all detox and unprocessed foods all day long. Had another big glass of green juice for supper along with the Macrobiotic remix bowl.

The beauty of the bowl was that Brian loved it! I expected him to eat it, but ask that I make it more often. His didn’t have the kale in it(he turns his nose up to the stuff). But it made enough for both of us to have a sizable dinner and two containers of leftovers for me to eat in the coming days. It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when things are convenient.

The bowl contains quinoa cooked in vegetable broth, black beans, cooked kale, roasted tofu and sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil. So tasty. I’m already salivating thinking about eating it for lunch tomorrow.


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