Social appetizer

While in Seattle, I was introduced to my new favorite appetizer.

Steamed artichoke.

It’s such a sophisticated and social appetizer that is extremely easy to prepare, if you have the time. Aaron made one for us before dinner on Sunday with a frost tipped artichoke from the market. We hadn’t heard of frost tipped artichokes(as noted by the brownish tips) before, but the man promised up that it would be more flavorful than your average artichoke and that they are only available during limited times throughout the year. It had an extremely nutty and delicious flavor.

Mel and I were so impressed by the artichoke that upon returning home and having my friend Katie over for dinner, we decided to make it a second night in a row. This artichoke was not frost tipped, but bought at the local grocery store and was far less flavorful than the one we had in Seattle.

To make:

Cut the sharp tips off the leaves of the artichoke. Steam on the stove top for 40-50 minutes. While it is steaming, melt a little butter in a bowl for dipping. I added some garlic and pepper to the butter, which gave it nice flavor.

When the ‘choke is done steaming, place it in a bowl and set it out for guests to pull off one leaf at a time and dip in butter. Eat the white, meaty part at the end that was connected to the heart of the ‘choke. The outer most leaves will have very little “meat” on the end to eat with more as you get towards the center.

Discard leaf in spare bowl. Continue pulling and dipping.


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