Adventures in the Pacific Northwest

Did you think I only had food related adventure while in the Pacific Northwest? Well, I didn’t.

Upon arrival at our gracious guest’s place, we had water at the bedside and posh toiletries on our pillows.

After a night of fine dining and shaking our asses in the bars, we headed up into the mountains for some snow shoeing. Our trek was powered by some amazing homemade granola bars made by Jeremiah. I want one right now just thinking about them. Yummm.

On the way to our trail of choice, we hit a little bump in the road. Really, where was our sense of adventure?

So we turned around, found another trail. Here, I got to use my first Honey Bucket…

Then we were on our happy way where we snowshoed(or is it snowshod?) over this bridge. The snow was so packed on it that we were walking above where the handrails were. A bit scary at first…

But we had to cross it, so we could get down by the water’s edge. Snow shoes were removed…

And snow was rolled…

Until a 6’5″ snowman was built…

After some more snow shoeing we drove to Snoqualmie Falls and took in a magnificent waterfall.

Then headed back to the city to take in the most iconic view of Seattle.

On Sunday we headed to the market, where I was in Heaven.

We bought a whole Rockfish.

And made a magnificent feast of a dinner out of ‘Ole Rocky(post coming soon). While we were there, Aaron caught a fish.

The crowd loved it!

On the way back , this woman in the airport couldn’t believe that you couldn’t take your Starbucks through security. So, she put all of her stuff on the best to go through, then sat down to enjoy her drink while the line was held up. It was one of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever seen in airport security.

It was an amazing trip with tons of adventure and fun. I’m fortunate to have such great friends…that live in great places to visit!



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