Breakfast burrito

I’m not sure that this post is really post-worthy. In fact, I’m sure many of mine are of questionable post-worthiness. But this breakfast was delicious!

I am not sure if it was extra delicious because I had just finished a 5 mile run or if it was because it involved eggs. I love eggs.

Or avocado. I love avocado.

Or hot sauce. I love hot sauce.

I made two eggs over medium, topped with a half of an avocado(yes, I know that is a lot of avocado) and hot sauce. I had one brown rice tortilla left. So after the eggs came out of the pan, I threw that in there and let it brown a little on each side and threw a slice of organic white cheddar from grass-fed cows on there. I usually try to avoid dairy, but will make exceptions from time to time when it involves grass-fed cattle.

Oh and a nice cup of coffee with coconut milk creamer. Mmmm. My favorite!

Let’s have another look at those eggs, avocado and hot sauce.

Maybe it’s just the endorphins from the run, but this makes me really happy.


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