I like to buy myself a gift for my birthday. Last year I decided that what ever I buy as a gift for myself that it has to do good for someone else; I bought myself a pair of Toms shoes.

This year I decided to get a little more personal and to support {made}. {Made} is an incredible group or artists(many from my hometown) that make eco-conscious goods by hand. Many of them re-purposed from other things, with the message of give.receive.repeat.  Their pieces are absolutely brilliant.

I treated myself to a new pair of earrings and a new rolling-pin made from wood grown on the land of the artist. More than just getting to look at the cool products on their page, there are profiles about each of the artists. You get to see who {made} the things you get. Not a nameless, faceless machine in a faraway country. And if there is one thing that my artist boyfriend has taught me, if you are going to buy art, do it in the way that most benefits the artist.

Maybe you don’t live somewhere that {made} goods are sold. You can shop online or they are doing a cross-country tour this summer. And they have a blog full of great and entertaining reads connected to their website.


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