Workout at work

I’ve previously mentioned that in February I left my old job for a new job. My old job involved sitting, but it also involved a lot of moving around. My new job is mostly sitting.I wasn’t used to that.

So, everyday at work there are minor grumbles(let me emphasize minor, as it seems that we all really enjoy working there, with each other and have a great work environment) that we sit all day. To combat this, we have initiated a Workout at Work Program. We are only a week into it, but so far 7 of the 12 people in the office regularly participate.

Oh, and we’ve noticed that we are all a little sore at the end of the day.

It’s great, because it gets us up and moving. I think we’ve actually become a little more productive since getting our blood pumping more.

How do you break up your work day?


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