Pots and plants

In the beginning of March we had a week of amazingly warm and sunny weather. The beautiful weather had me itching to get my potted garden going. Instead of just buying plants and potting them this year, I decided to start my own plants from seed. Look at the beauties in April:

In April I applied to be part of a community garden in hopes of getting a plot to plant all my fruits and vegetables. I found out that there were a lot more applicants than last year and I was 2nd on the waiting list. I haven’t heard anything since and the lady with park district isn’t returning my emails of inquiry. A very frustrating situation.

So, the plants that I started so long ago are outgrowing their containers and even some are starting to die. I decided yesterday that I need to bite the bullet and plant what I really want in pots in the back yard again and hope for the best. Last years plants did not produce much, so I am not holding my breath for this year to be any better.



Cherry tomato:

Brussels sprouts:

Heirloom tomato:

And some peas(with velcro tape):

And a peapod!

I did get the most awesome product this year though. It is a roll of velcro that helps stake plants up. Highly recommended.

Here’s hoping I have a bountiful harvest. And if not, I enjoy taking care of my plants.


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