Memorial feast

This is the type of meal we eat when I’m allowed to roam free in Whole Foods on a hot day.

New York strip steaks were on sale for $12.99/lb. We bought a steak that was a little over a half pound and split it.

I also had some shrimp at home. I marinated them in garlic, avocado oil and crushed red pepper.  I put them on the cast iron grill pan after the steak had finished and was resting. They had awesome flavor.

Surf and turf.

I used my cast iron grill pan to cook some asparagus and corn while I roasted some fingerlings in the oven.

I topped the fingerlings with some soy-based Cesar dressing we had gotten at City Farms. So delicious.

Washed it all down with some strawberry lemonade that I had left over from making popsicles.

Not a bad meal, if you ask me.

So while it was an excellent and complete meal, it gives you a glimpse of how I tend to cook in the summer. Much more simply. There is so much wonderful fresh produce that often needs little done to it. It’s also the direction I am trying to take my cooking. I am attempting to eliminate processed foods and products as much as possible.


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