13.1 recap

So this past weekend I ran my first half marathon. I under-trained, which I knew going into it. It was also very hot and runners were cautioned to take it easy. I didn’t “push it” as much as I could have.

To be honest, my only real goal was to finish. Sure I would have like to have done better, but it was a good gauge for me to see what I needed to do to improve for the next one. Yes, I said next one. I’ve already signed up for another.

Highlights included seeing Katie:

Free beer and pizza. I got my beer just before they ran out!

Not so awesome…my IT band was killing me. I think stretched at least six times Saturday afternoon and night.

Thank goodness we had a bag of frozen peas, because we don’t own any ice packs. What kind of weirdos don’t own an ice pack?!?!

Can’t wait to get that next piece of hardware.


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