Homemade almond milk adventure

My big plan was to make homemade almond milk tonight. Except I forgot to start soaking the almonds before I left for work.

Fortunately, I work right next to a grocery store, so I stopped and picked up some almonds on my way in to work. I also had an old, but clean almond butter jar hanging out on my desk, just perfect for soaking the almonds.

I ran across a claim on a food blog that you only need to use 10 almonds to make an entire pitcher of homemade almond milk. While I felt this was a small amount of almonds, I wanted to try it. I scaled back the amount of water a bit and only used 16oz of water, because that is all my jar would hold…and I have to get it home on the bus. I also thought that if it doesn’t turn out well, it’s very little waste.

So, I’ll update you tonight on how the 10 almond, almond milk adventure goes.


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