Cold brew iced coffee

Iced coffee is the perfect summer drink. Correction: Cold brew iced coffee is the perfect summer morning drink.

There is just something about hot coffee cooled down that is a little bitter an not quite as good as cold brew. I can’t lie. Instead of taking the time to make cold brew, I often brew a cup of hot, refrigerate it over night and drink it in the morning. And it’s always a little disappointing. After too many cups of disappointing coffee last week, I made a batch of cold brew concentrate over the weekend that has lasted me the week and I still have some left.

It’s really not hard. You just have to plan a little.


  • 12 oz coffee grounds(not too finely ground)
  • 48 oz of water

All you need is 4oz of water per ounce of coffee grounds. I just happened to have a 12oz bag of coconut macaroon coffee grounds hanging out in the kitchen. Put your water in a pitcher then add grounds. Give it a few stirs to make sure all grounds have been moistened. Place in refrigerator overnight for 12-15 hours.

Set up another pitcher/jar. Set fine mesh strainer on top. Line the strainer with layers of cheesecloth or a clean but old tightly woven dish towel(NOT terry cloth). I used a very tightly woven dishcloth to avoid having to strain multiple times.

Pour coffee and grounds through towel and mesh strainer.

I’ve read to avoid stirring the grounds and water or you will end up with a cloudy coffee in the end. I can not confirm or deny this as I didn’t take my chances on cloudy coffee and refrained from stirring. This straining part took close to 45 minutes. It’s definitely the step that takes the most patience, but I distracted myself by making breakfast muffins while waiting.

Afterwards, you have a nice large jar of cold coffee concentrate, unless you like obscenely strong iced coffee.

I saved the grounds and put them in my garden. They are good at helping to keep the ground moist and the antioxidants left in them help your plants to grow. It’s organic fertilizer!

I left it in the jar as concentrate then dilute it as I use it. I usually fill my glass with ice then 1/3 to 1/4 water then the rest with cold brew.

Leave a little room at the top for cream, of course. My favorite is the So Delicious Coconut Milk coffee creamer original flavor.

The perfect wake me up on a hot day.

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