Wisconsin Dells

Thursday night was the start of my 3 day weekend in which I ran a Bastille Day 8k. Boy, was it hot and humid. Due to a lack of rain, the gravel lakefront trails were dry and kicking up a lot of dust as thousands of people trampled them. The day before the race, runners received an email saying that they were preparing for the hot weather and adding in extra water and cooling stations. I’m not exactly sure what they were referring to as there were zero cooling stations and 2 water tables on the 5 mile course and the first station was out of water. Whoops. After sweating gallons and standing in the gear check line for an hour after the race to get my belongings back, I was happy to be waving my flag and heading to air conditioning.

Friday morning, we got up early with the intentions of making it to our weekend destination of the Wisconsin Dells by noon. Our plan was derailed when we happened upon a bad accident and sat still on the expressway for 2 hours.

Once we got there, we took full advantage of the water parks and partook in a lot of good food. Like Moosejaw pizza and their sampler of house made micro brews.

Brian even got to play a few arcade games:

We stopped by the gas station to pick up some Spotted Cow and Brian was tempted by the snacks, but we just stuck to beer.

We started Saturday off on the right foot, fueling ourselves with massive piles of pancakes from Mr. Pancake:

Saturday night we treated ourselves to a classic Wisconsin supper club and feasted on salad, steaks, and the standard bread basket, always served with real butter. And cooled off by enjoying a smooth gin and tonic.

Our drive home went faster by munching on sausage and cheese curds from the Mousehouse and washing down our tasty snacks with some Sprecher root beer.

While it may look like all we did was eat, we burnt off plenty of calories conquering 3 water parks in one weekend. A highly successful and glutenous weekend.


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