Open face tofu sammy

This was actually yesterday’s lunch.

I’ve really been focused on eating more healthy on a consistent basis. Even though it looks like I ate like total crap this past weekend in the Dells, we didn’t. We didn’t have any snacks, except for on the drive home and we had left overs at every meal, which we used for another meal. We often paired our leftovers with a side salad or another fruit or vegetable to make them healthier and more filling.

I was really wanting a sandwich yesterday. I spread a little jalapeno hummus on bread and cut off a hunk of tofu. I had a small tomato from my garden to put on it and some avocado. I realized that I was going to have left over tomato and that it was going to be a really thick sandwich. So, I cut the slice of tofu in half and decided to make it an open-faced sandwich. The benefits of the open-faced sandwich is that you can have double the healthy toppings without the extra calories of an additional slice of bread. That’s what I call a “win, win” situation. I also had a large side of detox slaw.


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