Healthy chocolate cupcakes

Take 2!

So I made the apple cinnamon muffins using pure pumpkin instead of the ingredients on the box. Since the pumpkin was so detectable in them I was dying to know if the chocolate actually hid the pumpkin.

So I bought a box of Jiffy devil’s food chocolate cake mix. I mixed a can of pumpkin with it. Then added some ground flax, chia seeds and a tablespoon of coconut butter for my health.

The pumpkin I used this time was a different brand than last time and seemed more wet. Also, I was worried that the flax and chia would absorb some of the moisture so I added 2 tablespoons of water to the mix. I did this not realizing that the Jiffy box mix was probably half the size of a box of regular cake mix.

So, my batter was runnier than last time. They also took twice as much time to bake as the box suggested. But they turned out amazing. So good.

I even put one on top of “ice cream” for Brian. He was in sinful tasting health food Heaven.

I can’t wait to keep trying out different combinations of flavors!


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