The economics of iced coffee


People that buy their coffee/specialty drink at Starbucks(or any other coffee shop) everyday make me cringe. It’s such a waste of money. Admittedly, I do it more then I should, but putting the numbers on paper will curtail my behavior even more.


Let’s take a look at the numbers. This can also be applied to hot coffee. But I’m going to focus on the iced variety because it’s summer and I drink way more iced than hot in this weather.

When I make a batch of cold brew iced coffee, it will usually last me on average 2 weeks. One glass a day. Maybe a day in there with two a day or a few days when Brian has some too.

So, if I were to buy an iced coffee on my way to work every day for two weeks, the numbers would look something like this:


I’ve been buying a bag of grounds for between $5-$8, depending the brand and sales. So I chose a middle-ish number, which happens to be the amount I spent the last time on a bag of Papa Nichols hazelnut creme grounds.


So take the amount I would have spent on 10 days of coffee minus the amount I spent making it myself. Keep in mind that my iced coffee lasts me 14 days, not 10, so this is factoring in 4 free cups of homemade coffee.


So, I’m saving about $15.00 every two weeks; about $30 a month. Which means:


That’s a lot of money a year. That’s your choice of 10 mani/pedis, 3 concerts, a plane ticket, 2 new pair of running shoes, or a subscription to a CSA. And all without giving up your daily coffee. I’ll drink to that.


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