A very farmer’s market breakfast

I hit up a total of 3 different farmers markets this week, leaving me an abundance of fresh and tasty produce to craft meals from.

My favorite table at the farmer’s market is the mushroom guy. They grow tons of mushrooms and they are 10 million times more flavorful than any mushroom that you buy in the grocery store. He had fresh garlic this week, as well. He told me that most of the garlic sold in the US is grown in China. What? Did anyone else know this? His garlic is insanely garlicy. But in a mellow, wonderful way. And it is crazy huge. Take a look at it:

Just one clove:

I knew I had to use some in my breakfast on Saturday morning. I sauteed some mushrooms and garlic. Some of that wonderful garlic. While that was cooking these were waiting in the wings:

I tossed the spinach and the tomatoes in at the last second to wilt and warm them.

Then I cooked two farm fresh and local eggs to top off these veggies.

Now that is the perfect way to start off the day and pack a punch of antioxidants while eating better food and supporting the local economy.


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