Hello fall.

Another weekend of perfect weather. Another weekend that makes me even more smitten with fall.


College football.




More soup.

Couch time.

Pumpkin smoothie.

Sunday, I headed up to the garden plot with the intention of tearing much of it out. After not being there in a week, I came to find that my tomato plants were producing like crazy and I wouldn’t be tearing them out after all.

I had to pull out one of my trees of Brussies as they were all turning brown and had little bugs all over them. The other two stalks looked bug free, so hopefully this will save them. I hope.

While still a jungle, the garden has a lot more free space now that I’ve cleaned out a few things.

I spent the afternoon making a big batch of black bean soup. That turned out super bland. So we threw in a little of this and little of that until it was loaded with flavor.

After dinner, we relaxed on the couch and enjoyed a pumpkin smoothie.

Today, I spotted this beautiful tree on campus. Happy fall, indeed.


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