Chicken pesto sandwich

The inspiration for making fresh pesto…the chicken pesto sandwich.

Take some nice bread for your boyfriend. And a slice of sprouted grain for yourself.

Heat cast iron grill pan until nice and hot.

Slather some fresh pesto onto the bread.

Layer on some fresh mozzarella.

Top with some nice chicken.

Add some tomatoes(optional for boyfriend) mandatory for me. Add some more pesto to the other side of the bread.

Butter outside of bread. Place in grill pan and place something heavy(and non-flammable) on the other side to weight it down a bit. I used a heavy dinner plate.

After a few minutes, flip sandwich. Replace heavy object on top.

After a few more minutes, take off stove and pair with homemade tomato soup. So hot and melty inside with crisp and crunchy bread on the outside.


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