Weekend breakfasts

I used to be a breakfast hater. My mom struggled to get me to eat breakfast in the morning until the discovery of S’mores Pop Tarts. After some reflection, I realized that the thing I hated about breakfast was cereal. And since I refused to get out of bed in the mornings(I sound like a real joy, huh?) there wasn’t ever time for a hot breakfast other than a Pop Tart.

As I have gotten older, I don’t really sleep in much. I am an early riser and breakfast has become one of my favorite meals. Especially on the weekend when I have time to do a little extra.  I am more of a savory breakfast gal. And Brian is more of a sweet breakfast guy.

So Saturday morning, I lay in bed looking up pancake recipes for him. I came up with an easy gingerbread pancake recipe and added apple to it so it wouldn’t be so unhealthy. And threw together a fresh vanilla ginger glaze for a topping.

I used some left over curry and had curry and egg for breakfast myself. Brian always teases me that I think anything is acceptable for breakfast as long as I top it with an egg. It’s pretty much the truth.

The gingerbread pancake recipe made a huge amount, so Brian ate reheated left over pancakes with no complaints on Sunday. I whipped some eggs with spinach and tomato to make a tasty sandwich on toasted sprouted grain bread.

So there you go. A weekend full of delicious breakfasts.


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