Mini Thanksgiving

Sunday night I had my friend Katie over for dinner. Sometimes, I get a little overzealous when planning menus. Brian deemed it a mini Thanksgiving after I told him everything I planned on making, so I ended up cutting out a braised kale dish.

What did I make? A mess:

And I made a braised chicken with leeks and parsnip dish from this month’s Whole Living magazine. It was easy, healthy and delicious.

I also made stuffing for the second time ever. Last year was oyster stuffing. I have been super curious about cornbread stuffing. I made this recipe from Paula Deen. Holy amazing. Beware, it makes a giant pan. Way more than necessary for 3 people, but Brian and I have been loving the leftovers. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

I also made a side of mashed cauliflower. Healthier than mashed potatoes with all the warmth and comfort. With a big pat of real butter, of course.

If you need more Thanksgiving recipes, you can always check out:

Bacon wrapped turkey breast

cranberry sauce with orange zest

the most amazing pumpkin pie EVER

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