A week in pictures

Wow. This last week has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement.

A week ago today, I came home to these flowers by the front door:

And music playing and my boyfriend dressed up in a suit. And we got engaged.

The next day, we headed to work as usual, then to the airport to fly to Iowa to be with my parents for Thanksgiving. But first there were delays. Lots of delays at the airport. So we made the best of our time and filled it with delicious food and drink:

On Thanksgiving my mom and I spent the morning having fun in the kitchen:

We celebrated my mom’s birthday early:

And Brian played tech support:

When he was working on somethings in the basement he found a device to channel Mars:

And learned the secret to how my mom stays in such good shape:

Black Friday, we celebrated by eating Pancheros. And did not celebrate when Iowa lost.

Then Brian and I caught our flight back to Chicago and had this view on the way back into the city. Lights. Lots of lights:

Once we were home we tried to clean up our diet by healthy-ing up some frozen veggie pizza by topping it with kale.

I hope everyone has had as good of a start to the holiday season as we have.

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