Edible Christmas gifts

Earlier this week I was in Texas visiting my adorable and goofy 6 month old niece.
While flying home on Wednesday, I learned that my good friend Aaron was stuck in Chicago and unable to get to Iowa due to the blizzard. So we met up at the airport and he headed home with me. Since there were no flights headed out for him until Friday at the earliest we made a plan to spend the day making lots of Christmas goodies(with a full guest post to be coming from Aaron soon).
We started off by making a double batch of Ina Garten’s mulled wine to keep us warm while we worked.
Then we got to work on Alton Brown’s ginger snaps:
A batch of really amazing apple cider caramels:
Then we got busy and made 4 dozen red velvet cake balls:
We also made a batch of Christmas salty toffee and peanut butter Nutella fudge.
Perfect little boxes of treats for my coworkers, Brian’s coworkers and Aaron’s family.

We finished up the evening by having a plate of cheese and crackers as an app and a big pot of spicy curry. Perfect for a cold night. Post coming soon!

Happy Holidays!


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